*Please rate my essay* Why do people study in college?

Generally speaking, many companies and managers employ workers who are educated and specialized in a specific path in the college or university. I believe that people must attend and study at a university or a collage, I am going to discuss and promote my opinion in two major paths: knowledge and success.

First of all, it is significant to consider knowledge, because this universe must get better and progress in order to get a flourish and easier life. By way of example, in the past, humans used to behave like animals, they had different perspective, habits and languages. For instance, they lived in caves or just build a small house made from vulnerable and hash wood, and eat a bizarre food that lead to a dangerous diseases. Likewise, making risky things which lead to a wounded body and in some cases, it ends up with a tragical event. Furthermore, along with the knowledge, the awareness gradually rise. By way of example, graduated high school student instantly attend the university or college. Hence, it provides the possibility to experience the independent life of students in many gangways, such as, financially, organizing schedule for studying and the most considerable issue is cooperation with others.

In addition to the importance of the knowledge, studying in the university or a collage plays a great role in the future career. In present, it is impossible to find a successful job which can make the uneducated person rich. In other words, people must study and specialize in different fields in order to be professionals with that domain. For example, medicine is a vast field, In order to get a future job the student must choose a path, such as, heart surgeon, Urologist, plastic surgeon, dentist and so on. It is significant to mention that nowadays, the advanced and complicated apparatus has provided a limitless educational filed.

By way of conclusion, based on the argument explored above, in spite of the hard work that student may experience while studying, education is the one of the most important things in order to live a pleasant life.

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