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There is no dubet the nuclear technology is one of the important issues nowadays, I always discuss this problem with my friends. There is opposing views, some of them believe that it is important for the world and human, and the others think that it is dangerous so we should remove and dispose it. In this piece of writing I am going to talk about this issue briefly.
Firstly, I will talk about the people who agree with nuclear technology because they believe that we can use this technology in a positive way for example: cures for some sick people such as cancers. And also we can use it in a technology in the space to develop some electronics and in a communications.
Secondly, the other people disagree this technology because they thing his positives much more than a negatives so they states to decline this bad technology. Also they says people are using this technology in bad ways like Russian and Iranian in a bombs so it might be a big problem in the future if we do not stop them.
In my opinion, I think nuclear technology has an advantages and disadvantages and it depends on a human if he wants to use it in a bad way or not. If this technology has advantages why we do not use it and improve it for us and for the world, if this technology can help us to solve the problems we should use it even it was a dangerous.

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Not quite acceptable as an essay Kholoudali, but you are almost at the point of breakthrough.
Keep reading the good essays here that have all been penned by your student colleagues. You will learn a lot from their writings.


thank you … i will keep reading and i will learn a lot .
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