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Topic:Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Food is necessary to stay alive and very important for our health. Some people prefer to eat food at food stands and restaurants, However, I prefer to prepare and eat food at home because it is more healthy, less time consuming and less expensive.
To begin with, it is more healthy for us to eat home made food. When we cook food at home, we can make it more healthy. We often see that at restaurants and food stands, the food is more oily and high in cholesterol which is not healthy for us; we can not change their style to cook it, but if we prepare it at home, we can make it more healthy by using low fat ingredients. Moreover, many studies have done and it has proven that people get easily ill by eating food at road stands and other restaurants because of a lack of hygiene. For example, in India, the government has to face many ailment diseases because of contaminated food. People of this country easily get food poisoning, typhoid, jaundice and other food related diseases by eating contaminated food at road stands and restaurants. They may prevent them selves from these diseases, if they prefer eat home made food.
Secondly, to prepare and eat food at home is less time consuming. Nowadays, it is easy to cook food because of kitchen utensils such as oven, microwave, grinder, chopper and so on. By the help of these instruments, we can save our time of cooking. Furthermore, cooking is not as hard as before, we can get pre cooked mixes in the store, we just have to mix them according to the instructions given on the packet and food is ready in few minutes. For instance, I am fond of Punjabi subj,which is one of the Indian food items. It is difficult to make this subj, but nowadays, recipe packets are available, and I can make this subj in 5 minutes. Therefore, I believe that cooking food becomes easy and less time consuming because of all these equipments.
Lastly, home made food is less expensive. Nowadays, food at restaurants is expensive. As an example, when I eat food at restaurants, it costs me around 30-40 dollars, on the other hand, if I choose to cook food at home, it does not cost me as much as at the restaurants.
To sum it up, though, some people prefer to eat at food stands and restaurants, I prefer to prepare and eat food at home because it is more heathy, less costly and less time consuming.

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Hi, I thought your essay was pretty good. You have a clear structure with good topic sentences and relevant examples. You do have a few odd sounding phrases, although most of your writing sounds quite natural. You also have some repetition, try to use more synonyms instead of repeating words and phrases. Still, a very good job, overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Thank you so much.