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Do you think that television programs, movies, and video games influence young people’s behavior?

It is clear that entertainment programs such as television or movies have become very famous nowadays but whether they are harmful or not is one of the global discussions today. Some people believe that movies or video games have a good influence on people’s health but I completely disagree with this idea. From my point of view, they remarkably changed our people to a negative degree.

For a start, movies have become very appealing since nineteenth century but the disappointing point is that the victims of them are young generation. According to me, movies have badly influenced children. The main reason is that, infancies tend to accompany their favorite ideals which can bring serous troubles. For instance, imagine that a Robison Cruz became a hero of a child after watching its movie. Since Robinson is a thief, a child will start to steal things in order to resemble him. In the beginning it may not sound dangerous but later severe risks may be inevitable.

Secondly, it is clear that video games or television programs are the best ways for young people to spend their free time but they do not realize that they do it at the expense of their health. Since they spend most of their time playing video games being inactive for a long time, they may encounter with unforeseen illnesses. For instance, researchers have recently shown that people who are prone to watch TV or play computer games are more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases.

Last but not least, it would not be surprising that nowadays computers or TVs has become the best friends of children by expending a mass of their leisure with those unreal things. Consequently, children become reluctant to interact with people which may cause some undesirable issues.

By the way, those children are more inclined to fall into desperation since they tend to have withdrawn behavior.

To sum up, television programs, movies or video games have had a big impact on young people’s behavior. Those people have become unwilling to communicate which prevents them from affiliating to the society.

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Hi, I think this one may not have been as strong as some of your other recent essays. You have quite a few odd sounding and very unclear phrases and sentences that really interfered with my understanding of your ideas. I think your grammar is ok for the most part and your overall structure is good, but you do have some errors in clarity that reduce the overall quality.

Hi Luschen. Thank you very much for your assistance.
I should mention that a paragraph starting with “By the way” was attached to the fourth paragraph bu it separated due to technical problems. In addition, in the sentence “the main reason is that, infancies tend to accompany their favorite ideals which can bring serous troubles” I meant “the main reason is that, children tend to accompany their favorite idols which can bring serous troubles” but thank you again for your help.

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OK, that makes the sentence much more clear - an “infant” is a very small baby, so it would not be applicable here. Even though “accompany” is closely related to “follow”, accompany means to go together, so a youngster would follow or imitate their idol, but not accompany her.