Please rate band. Servant addressing their master

Respected Sir,
I would like to inform you that, last winter I was enrolled in a Computer basic course at your college and my ID card number is 123456. I am sorry to inform you that, this weekend I lost my student ID card somewhere. I tried hard to search but, sadly could not find it yet.

As you know the college card is very important inside the campus. From the last 2 days I cannot issue library books and unable to access the computer lab as well. Furthermore, final exams will also be starting from next month, so I can’t attempt my final papers without an ID card.
Therefore, I am humbly requesting you to please re-issue a new id card for me. If my lost card will be found, I will revert this new card to you immediately.
Hope you can understand my situation and issue me a new card at your earliest possible time.
Awaiting your positive response in this regard.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,


Sounds a bit lite a servant is addressing their master. “Respected Sir”, “I am humbly requesting”, “awaiting your positive response in this regard” etc. Also, please don’t use the ‘revert’ when you want to say ‘send back’ or 'return.

I hope you don’t regard the bureaucrats at IELTS as your masters you need to serve? Please try to use your own head and think for yourself.