please rate, A person should never make a important decision alone.

Do you agree or disagree?
A person should never make a important decision alone.
Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

First of all we have to define over which decisions we are talking.
I would distinguish them in two diferent types.
Personal decisions like chossing a career or a job and decisions affecting the society like political or business decicions.

I would like to analyse the situation with decisions affecting society.
There are positive and negative aspects about getting just one person in charge to decide over a theme.

First of all a good aspect is that it is a fast way to decide and saves public a lot of bureaucratic rules.
It also makes the whole process of the decision transparent and easy to understand, so in the case that there are doubts about a topic it is easy to find the responsable person.

Also a great aspect of this way to decide is that it will save a lot of money in a political system which would make it possible to spend more money in other important topics like education or infrastructure.

Keeping these positve aspects in mind there are also some facts in contra of this way to decide.

Starting with the fact that a decision made by just one person will be a really subjectiv and personal, in the worst case without mattering other opinions.
Therefore a decision made by one person can be done too fast, without analysing the whole situation from diferent perspectives.

Last but not least if just one person have all the power, he or she is a easy target for corruption therefore it is a big possibility that the person fails to make a fair decision because of personal interests. This makes it impossible for society to control decisions made by just one person.

Analysing all the facts been written, I personally do not support the idea that just one person should have all the power.
The fact that there is a leak of control and a big chance that the decision maker gets influenced by someone or some group with certain interests weights too much for me.

This results for me in feeling unfree and kind of unsecure. Ending this discussion I think dictatorships are the best examples for societys where just one person is in charge of everything.

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ok, thanks a lot