Please meet Michelle Ver Way


Hello everyone, here is an introduction by Michelle Ver Way, an English-Team trainer who is going to do video sessions with our clients next year. …[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Ms Ver Way. I am happy for being at forum. I believe It’s a good news for all who really want to improve their English knowledge. I will do my best to be here since I’ve found here an atmosphere in which I can get better result in comparison with other websites. Many Thanks to team.


Dear Jafar, thank you very much for your positive feedback. Merry Christmas. Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Sir,

The video clip you presented on the forum for English learners was excellent. Ms Ver Way talked very good English,but very, fast. Any way thanks a lot to her for spending valuable time with us and she had shared her experience and she had also given useful feed back for improvement in English.

She said one example that I didn’t understand properly two side rope should tide together to get good something. please explain me that if possible sir,

Thank you


Dear Shanti, many thanks for your comments. If you find that Michelle speaks too fast you can simply pause the video and listen to it several times. As for the idiom she explained it’s to ‘tie the knot’ which we have explained here too: Idom: tie the knot

Finally, please remember that the verb ‘explain’ is followed by the preposition ‘to’ and an object pronoun such as ‘me’ so you say ‘explain to me’, not ‘explain me’. Merry Christmas, Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your immediate response and correction for the mistake. In future I will see that the same mistake will not get repeated.


Thank you



You’re welcome, S. Shanti ;-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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By the way, you might want to take at this transcript which has been created by Youtube’s software so it contains some mistakes:

0:01maintenance michelle and i’m interested in your image teaching position
0:05i’m sending you short video to give you a brief introduction about myself
0:11as you can see i’m a native english speaker
0:13and from the united states
0:15i live in the state of florida
0:17which is in the southern part of the united states and it’s typically very
0:21warm here
0:23i need to ask me
0:24taxi to another city i’ll use to live in orlando
0:29where we have disney world
0:30and now i live about three hours south intensity called pret-a-porter
0:39thirty minutes out from here there is a town called for mines
0:41where there’s a lot of german speaking people
0:45i also
0:46dante germany a couple times so if you have experience with uh… german
0:50speaking people
0:55but some as four my education
0:59i have a bachelor’s degree n
1:02international there’s to learning accidents that language i had to learn a
1:06language to did not grow up
1:09uh… learning spanish speaking spanish and not hispanic
1:13uh… but i’ve always been interested in languages and cultures so i learned
1:16spanish through high school and college
1:19and that’s when i got mine
1:22bachelor’s degree i also did study abroad programs tyrants she is staying
1:27and i also want to go straight down
1:30answer my masters degree at a mass evening tesol teaching english to
1:34speakers of other languages
1:36i gotten stock in two thousand eight
1:40and swiftly degree and also certified untethered
1:45education certification in kindergarten through twelfth grade
1:48for the public school system if they choose to do that
1:51and i also did a separate succumbed certification and accent reduction
1:57uh… accident which would
1:58kam be comprised of acts of reduction
2:01and content ciation speaking skills which is actually very easy to learn
2:04insists you have to be insistence
2:07as in nineteen eighty to ninety years it has to do with your your mom at
2:10newmarket mt
2:12and how your accident execute the sounds
2:15so that’s my educational background as network backgrounds
2:19i’ve been in this area for many many many years eileen
2:23speech the
2:25in this field in the t_-cell field
2:28people usually do many things at the same time and they overlap and i’m very
2:31typical for that
2:33at basically for about thirteen years and works as a professional university
2:39i worked with international students and i also worked with international
2:43and span beginning career work mostly with international students
2:47other half a work with international professors
2:50and merchant patent immigrant integration with
2:56and then a lot of immigration law
2:58with that’s usme people on a daily basis from around the world
3:02at the same time meeting manassas t_v_ necessary teaching and
3:06i was teaching at my department and i was teaching for the actual
3:10english department as well
3:12discourses of
3:14ranging from pronunciation too
3:17uh… speak at conversations teaching classes added culture classes
3:22and those of the lights abt
3:25and also
3:27for uh… the other department where you do speak rating
3:30where for the university in order to qualify for teaching assistantships
3:34you have to have a certain level of comprehension when you speak so actually
3:38read those tests which has great for hand-in-hand of
3:42the accent reduction part
3:45that is
3:46came to my working erina
3:48and now that i’m just move some things have changed um… but
3:52i had always been interested in teaching online i really got interested doing my
3:56masters degree because of course when you teach english
3:59to see much outside the united states comes up all this time
4:03so i’d love to travel actually been to a lot of places
4:08he didn’t want to take a long contracts at a twenty ten-month twelve-month
4:11contracts because i have you know responsibilities and you know i need to
4:15be here
4:15but i like short term contracts
4:17so uh… in two thousand nine actually i went to south korea and attacking the
4:22sri diversity there and i isle of that that was fantastic
4:26so that short term contracts but they’re not always that easy to come across
4:30the other way to contact with international students is through
4:34mediums as such
4:36for teaching on skype
4:38for probably about a year-and-a-half next stolen quite well
4:41i was certainly beginning how would work because i hadn’t
4:46online before
4:47but actionscript active and pretty impressive and i would definitely
4:51continue with that in the future
4:53so i could
4:53they work with
4:55tracking poll about five a six students they have a doctor in switzerland i work
5:00had businessmen scene for a high have government worker and egypt’s
5:05government worker and sally
5:07uh… an entrepreneur in denmark
5:09and we do different things all for all the media different things in the c_d_a_
5:13estimates classes
5:14based on one
5:16you know my clancy
5:18and sometimes it’s accent reduction sometimes it’s conversation just getting
5:22the flow of actually speaking
5:24sometimes we talk about holzer
5:27uh… sometimes we do grammar
5:29we do vocabulary regent a_t_m_s and actually coaching and the businessmen
5:34from singapore
5:35seemed kit some another job still were
5:38i’m were working on
5:40uh… doing job interviews in which actually answered questions how to
5:45insert them
5:46how to give complete answers come to the following turn u
5:50uh… culturally shaking hands and all those cuttings
5:53so it’s been a really interesting and i really enjoy working with all of them
5:59basically you know i a m very interested to work with you know what and
6:03i can customize classes depends on what you want
6:06miley cyclical method of teaching is really a conversational style because
6:11they feel that no matter what you do
6:14incidental conversation setting
6:16you’re learning english
6:17you’re letting mission you’re using it you think you will which was really
6:21is the bull okay
6:22once you start to thinking listings or click
6:25and as well as a conversational style is not insanity
6:29and that way you can make sure that your your relax because when you’re lax
6:35that’s when you actually learned that’s again when you pick the things up
6:38if you’re stressed out and freaked out or you’re worried that the teacher would
6:41understand your people laugh make fun of you
6:44don’t you
6:45and sell that’s what i’m really trying to have
6:48relax classes and have fun and i like to laugh because
6:51you know i i wonder makes time to go to sell i think that the two of us can
6:55create a really nice time to get it if it’s a relax class
6:59again you know i’ve talked to sis english a_t_m_s
7:04except for god
7:05on for quite a few anytime i also be talking with us at a flight economy so
7:09it is teaching english to pilots
7:11uh… from china and i wasn’t and very interesting and fantastic experience
7:16and really liked that a lot better in for something
7:20play anyway i’m here
7:23uh… i really mean to say they work with you
7:26and i will show you one thing because i want to learn one thing
7:29before eight am
7:31so many teachers a_t_m_
7:33the indian is
7:35tiny than not
7:38so you can think always tied the knot means so first vocabulary wise need to
7:42know what i’m not is
7:43we can go over to the time but just for this
7:46just initiate states okay
7:48so i would talk to you about what did not is what you think they’re not is
7:52you know and finally a second of the best i can write
7:55so queue for examples of p_c_r_ and a half
7:58so if we talk about tied the knot
8:01and look at this piece of string
8:02there’s two events right it’s its whole but there are two parents
8:06so we look at what’s you answer me actually make it not with this one piece
8:11we really joining these two ends together and making up a permanent not
8:17meeting then further discuss tying whichever means to do exactly what i did
8:21to to fastened together
8:23and make that not which is this little thing right here
8:27such a time nine english isn’t a_t_m_s mean to get married so think about it
8:33you have
8:34two people
8:35that are separate two ends of this nightmare
8:37and anytime you can make it not been you’re gonna put it together
8:42that’s one way that you like to explain things interviews viewer as possible
8:48into my back and teaching online is that you
8:52taste food so i think that would be really great sent you never know
8:56so i didn’t like series ninety lecturer tam
8:59classes on u_n_ meeting people and you
9:02when i was in yesterday’s actually teach com
9:06its students outside and outside the home
9:09i would teach standing libraries excedrin dislocations and that was
9:12really great to meet people
9:14i’ve been here long enough yet to do that but that’s one of my goals two
9:17so anyway
9:18i do you hope
9:20facts and i hear back from you and i hope this introduction
9:24your needs so please do let me know um…
9:28if you need anything else from me
9:30and i hope that’s

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I agree that she speaks quite quickly, but her enunciation is very precise - I think she did a great job. To be a fluent English speaker, you need to be able to understand people who speak quickly, so this is excellent practice.


Dear Sir,

I have been watching so many English Team trainers introduction in You Tube". but we yet to see your
You Tube in English team, why don’t you make it available on the Forum
to enable us to enjoy/follow your excellent way of teaching English.

We too expect your speech in You Tube" via English Team on the forum very shortly.

Thank you



Thanks for sharing the video and for your work.

Miguel Angel.


Hi S.Shanthi, to whom are you addressing your post? Me?


I listened to Michelle Ver Way and I liked the way she speaks, because I understood almost everything.
Also, I liked the way she explained the idiom “to tie the node” - very easy to retain.



Dear Luschan Sir,

Thank you for your question sir. Most of my mails, you can find that I am used to
address Sir Torsten by writing Dear Sir, I will not address any people on the forum
addressing Dear Sir expect Sir Torsten, the reason is He is my Guru/coach/adviser/
Motivator/and so on. When I address to others I am used to write their name with sir,
to make differentiation. Please don’t mistake me.

I am very pleased to watch Video clip also if you are interested for that, but I feel
that your accent & pronunciation are slightly different from Indian accent. Do you
agree that or not? Otherwise you are O.K.

[color=darkred]May I wish you for a “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013”?

Thank you



Dear Luschan Sir,

Thank you for your question sir. Most of my mails, you can find that I am used to
address Sir Torsten by writing Dear Sir, I will not address any people on the forum
addressing Dear Sir expect Sir Torsten, the reason is He is my Guru/coach/adviser/
Motivator/and so on. When I address to others I am used to write their name with sir,
to make differentiation. Please don’t mistake me.

I am very pleased to watch Video clip also if you are interested for that, but I feel
that your accent & pronunciation are slightly different from Indian accent. Do you
agree that or not? Otherwise you are O.K.

[color=darkred]May I wish you for a “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013”?

----Not a teacher------

… interested in …

Do you agree with me on that?

May I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013?



Hello Torsten,

I have watched the video by Michelle. How can I talk with her. I want to improve my speaking skill, usually I am shy to speak because I thought I don’t know much. Help me. Thank you.


Hi Thorsten
Many thanks for your post and invitation.
I have to say that I’m still not very sure about what’s going to happen next on this thread.
Are we supposed to answer to Ver Ways video, or will she start some sort of lessions next year by sending more videos?
Or will there be some skype sessions that we can join in?
However it may be, for now it was excellent listening practice!
Thanks a lot for that!
Cheers Urs


Hi T. J. thanks a lot for your comments. I think Michelle speaks at a normal rate which is between 120 and 180 words per minute. Please keep in mind that for learners of English as a second language it is important to be able to understand native speakers who speak at their usual rate. Here is something our ESL learners might be interested in: But I don’t understand native speakers![YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsten and Michelle Ver Way

Many thanks to Torsten for inviting me on this thread. Nice to meet you Michelle Ver Way and many thanks for you shared your thoughts with us.

I don’t know how to continue with you this conversation but I will find out for tomorrow. I prepared to go to bed when I received Torsten’s letter. As for three days we celebrated Christmas I became very tired .I wanted to go to bed earlier than I used to another time. I live in Hungary and here it is 23: 20 .

I agree with Luschen that you speak rather
quickly, but your enunciation very precise that’s why it was a good feeling that I understood.

Than Monica said I can say – me also - that I understood almost everything.

I agree with Urs that I am uncertain about to do.
We’ll see. We are looking forward to the continuation.

Best regards:
Kati Svaby


I don’t think she speaks too quickly at all! Also, her accent seems quite neutral to me – so, she’s very easy to understand. Thumbs up! :slight_smile: