Please Luschen correct my essay!

Please Luscen check my essay. I will take the exam after two weeks. I need your help to score well.

In this set of materials, the reading passage explains the steps of problem solving while the listening passage discusses the role of the break.

In the reading passage, the author gets across three steps in the issue solving. Firstly, at the problem representation the problem must be identified correctly but there are many obstacles that prevent that. Functional fixedness which is one of them engenders some preconceptions in people about the problem. Secondly people should found the alternative solutions to the problem and identify benefits and drawbacks of each option. Final step involves choosing the best strategy and conducting it.

In the listening passage, the professor states the benign effects of the break. He highlights that it lets us think more clearly about the problem and sleeping is one of the ways of the breaking. But scholars argue whether there are advantages of unconscious mental activity to the problem settling. Also the professor emphasizes that there are two possibilities why the break is important. One reason is that during the break information may appear which might provide to solve the problem. Latter is the rest that makes us think about the issue in a different way.

TOEFL listening lectures: Why do Birds of Paradise have amazing plumages?

This essay was a bit confusing to me - are you talking about taking breaks periodically when trying to solve problems? Could you give me a link to the reading and listening passages so I can see if you understood all of the points?

Oh, sorry Luschen but I am not able to copy reading and listening passage to here but I will seek out other ways to do it.