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In some countries, people are richer, but less happy. Causes and effects?
The 21st century has witnessed an amazing improvement in citizens’ living standard. Never before can they afford expensive items whose prices are sky-rocketing than do such in our century. However, many of them confess that they actually suffer more than enjoy. My essay will shed light on both causes and effects of this issue.

It is first believed that though high salaries can satiate workers’ desire and facilitate their lives amazingly, such money cannot grant them fresh air to breathe if they do not strive to keep the atmosphere clean. No sooner has mass-production of the vehicles been introduced and, hence, people rush to buy cars then they have to suffer car exhaust, say, lead, and carbon dioxide. To make the matter worse, consumer goods seen as the most fundamental items for personal life result in tons of waste released into the atmosphere, not to mention solid waste and plastic boxes which are durable, undeniably. Negative effects are vividly seen. When more and more people yearn for cars to prove their social status, they, at the same time, contribute a great part to making our air polluted to the point where the number of people suffering contaminated air and respiration-related diseases is escalating.

Another drawback is the fact that the pressures of modern life have indirectly suck people into an endless race when non-stop working becomes a must. Although workers have money to lead their lives comfortably, their family life is not always ensured without the frequent absence of parents. As a result, familial bonds grow looser and cracks eventually appear. There are children whose parents have to work hours on end, see themselves live in the illusions of the Internet, find virtual relationships, or even worse, become addicted to games online. To specify, not receiving ongoing guidance from parents, children may grow up abnormally and even end up with mental disorders and sexual disorientation.

All in all, I do believe that people nowadays, despite having their quality of life improved significantly, still suffer certain problems, say, environmental issue and family foundation.

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Hi Impossibleme, your writing is pretty good. I think you have addressed the prompt well, but overall, your essay does not seem as clear and well-structured as it might be. Maybe one paragraph for causes and one for effects might be better? Or give one cause and effect per paragraph, as you seem to have done, but make the distinction more clear and explicit. You have some good idioms that are generally used correctly, but you do have some sentences that could be structured more naturally. YOu also have some mistakes in usage and a few grammatical errors. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.