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Agree? People can learn more from watching television than by reading books.

People gain knowledge in various ways. However, there is a debate whether people can learn more from television or from books. While some think that television is more educative because it contains more shows, others think that books are better because many books are finely categorized. In my perspective, people can learn more from books because television provides deeper knowledge; television provides a wider range of knowledge and television provides up-to-date knowledge.

To begin with, people can have access to deeper knowledge when they turn on their television. Most television shows are easy to understand, whereas books can be too profound and elusive. For instance, the Discovery Channel is very educative. Usually the shows will introduce some background knowledge, and then provide lots of photos and videos for audience. I remember once when the Discovery Channel introduced crocodile behavior, there were images of a big crocodile wating for its prey to get into the water, and then suddenly caught the prey and kill it. People can learn basic facts of the crocodile species from books, but they will never learn how crocodile prey and how ferocious the crocodile is from books.

In addition, television provides a wider range of information, and audience can learn a variety of topics. How many times have we heard of people learning cooking method from television? How many times have we heard of children learning scientific theories from cartoon shows? How many times have we heard of housewives learning aerobics and yoga from sports programs? How many times have we heard of learning politics from news programs? How many times have we heard of students learning Math and Physics from television? While one book only provides knowledge on a single aspect, television provides various topics for people to learn from.

Furthermore, television offers the latest knowledge. Many people consider books to be authority and they think television shows are too subjective. However, they can not deny the fact that people can only learn the latest news from television programs. When publishing a book, an author must first spend time to write it, and then the editor will revise it, and later publish it. The process can be very long, and often books are out-of-date. In my experience, my university textbooks are published ten years from now, and many times our teachers have reminded us that the books were too old-fashioned and theories on them have been overturned by scientists recently. On the contrary, I can always watch news from television news programs.

In conclusion, people can learn more from television than books because television provides complete knowledge; a wide range of topics and up-to-date information.

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Hi, I thought this was another excellent essay. Your writing style is very clear. I had a few issues with some of your sentences, but I am sure you will do fine on your test - good luck to you, not that you need it! I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.