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Agree? College or university should offer students more preparation before they start working.

It’s often a difficult decision when college or university adds internship opportunities for undergraduate students. On one hand, adding such opportunities can help students better prepare before they find a job; one the other hand, adding such opportunities may also mean cutting holiday time. In my perspective, it’s necessary to offer preparation before they find work because university courses are not enough for future career; students need to have work experience in order to adapt to future career and students can establish relationships with companies which help them secure employment.

To begin with, nowadays universities’ courses are simply generalized introductory courses which are not sufficient for later career, and students who graduate without previous preparation may have to start learning specialized knowledge when they enter companies. To view this in my own experience, my mentor who majors in plant biotechnology once told me that many graduates may have to learn one or two years before actually start working at biological research facilities no matter how outstanding their GPA is. He mentions that the general biology courses are only glances in the field of biotechnology, and researchers have to read hundreds of articles to have a good understanding of their field. Therefore, it’s fundamental for students to have more preparation before finding a work

So much for gaining extra knowledge, another reason to offer pre-working preparation is to let students accumulate work experience. Many CEO now consider previous work experience more important than undergraduate GPA as work experience can help people fit in the new working environment. How many times have we heard construction companies only fire students with prior designing experience? How many times have we heard magazines only hire reporters who has reported stories before? How many times have we heard universities only employ professors with previous teaching experience? How many times have we heard research institutions hire only those who finish project before? Work experience is the number one factor when companies employ students, and adding internship opportunities are necessary for students to gather such experience.

Furthermore, pre-working preparation may establish relationships for students which benefit them after graduation. Many companies now offer internship for university students and most would agree to let previous interns become official employers. For instance, an international bank constantly offers internship to students who major in finance in my university, and the CEO once came to the university and said that the bank is more inclined to hire previous interns than candidates without relations with the bank. He mentioned that most employers who were once previous interns have a better understanding of the bank and their everyday mission than new-coming employer, and tend to work more efficiently. Therefore, internship opportunities may be advantageous to undergraduates to secure employment after graduation.

In conclusion, college and university should offer more preparation for students before they start working because knowledge learned from courses is insufficient; students need to gather work experience and such preparation can be advantageous for students to secure employment.

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Hi, another excellent essay. Most of my comments are suggestions rather than corrections, but you did have some outright mistakes towards the end - most of those seemed like careless errors though. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.