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The responsibility of constructing infrastructure is shared between the government and the private sector. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages if the private sector will assume full responsibility in building public infrastructure? Mention relevant example and/or explain your views thoroughly.


Nowadays, government has shown some tendencies to decrease its role by sharing its responsibility with private conglomerates. Thus, some advocates maintain that it will lead to more efficiencies and effectiveness. While naysayers claim that it has nothing but only a detriment to a society. As for me, it brings rather benefits than drawbacks. In this essay, I will examine both negative effects and advantages of sharing the government responsibility to private companies.

Many people frequently worry about negative impact of privatizing government duties. Firstly, if fundamental services such as health care and education become privatized, many citizens will not be enjoyed them equally, Since ensuring the health services of its citizens is the integral duty of any government, those basic services should be remained for the obligation of the government. Apart from it, once private companies take over these important fields, it could be monopolized by a scrupulous owner. In other words, people lose their right to examine usage of the company because it is a private company.

Nevertheless, there are certain benefits from allowing these services to private sectors. First, the prices could be more affordable. If the government lets private companies compete each other, they will suggest more cheaper and effective methods in order to win the bid. Besides, the government could gain many benefits from privatizing. For instance, it just makes strict regulations and legislating on new laws associated with managing this company. So that it does not spend its revenues but only collect more taxes from them then allocate it to other fields in need.

In summary, privatizing public sectors has both negative and negative consequences. In my opinion, the advantages of privatizing them outweigh that of disadvantages. However, government should not neglect its roles, which is monitoring and imposing strict rules to them.

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