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Do you like to eat out or eat at home?

In ancient times, people mostly used to eat at their beloved home but with the food industry developing and restaurants being more widely used, nowadays people have the choice to eat at home or eat out. Some people prefer to stay home and eat while others enjoy dining out in their favorite restaurants. As a person who is immensely fascinated by food, both choices satisfy my obsession; however eating out is much better than having supper at home.

Why is it that the number of people who prefer eating out is much greater than that of eating out? First of all, many people, including me tends to become exhausted of making supper every day and also get bored of eating home-made food. Therefore, it is fundamental to sometimes have meals at exquisite restaurants and rest from the same old boring life.

Secondly, when eating out, one can choose from variety of foods that are from different countries such Korean kimpap,Japanese sushi,Italian pizza and English style fish and chips. In my case, i love eating Chinese fried chicken for supper at my nearest restaurant.

Even though there are many disadvantages of eating out such being expensive and unhealthy, having a meal outside is quite stress-free and fascinating in some occasions. Therefore i love eating out at my favorite restaurants and having a good time.

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