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write a report on what you think about the magazines, include description of cover model, what do the cover models have in common? what is the headings relate to the interest of women? how are women represented on the covers of magazines?
and discuss whether you believe the magazine you know of adhere to the voluntary industry code of conduct.

Body image
The cover girl of ELLE is a sexy young girl in back white flake miniskirt which reveals her nice figure. Her blonde skin seems so healthy; the smoky-eyes which make her eyes look bigger and brighter; the waving short hair as well as her flawless figure all highlight sexy. Especially her pout and natural smile are full of temptation.
In addition to the supermodel adopts by ELLE, Some magazines for women feature an unknown model that represents the style of the magazine, such as Seventeen.
As you can see, the cover girls’ faces are always in common because they don’t have wrinkles or pouches under their eyes. Their facial skin always is smooth, exquisite and shiny. They seem pretty healthy In addition; their suitable make-up and nice hair make them look even younger.
Most of the magazines do go for the voluntary Industry Code of Conduct. However, there are some magazines which still cannot follow the natural images of people. The cover girls of them obviously have been digitally manipulated. I cannot really believe that a woman or a girl can be that perfect. But I cannot deny that the technology we have like Photoshop and other digital software editing programs are successful and powerful. They make people look more beautiful and give them confidence. But it is another way of cheating; they actually are cheating their customers. They make them believe that if they use these tools of make-up and dressed like the cover model, they will just look like them, however, in reality, it cannot be true. Teenagers are always being the main part of their aim. Because they lack of experience, they will become to blind worship and blind imitation. According to the reports, here are some teenagers cause diseases because they lose their weight in a wrong way in order to be as pretty as cover girls. So magazines must use realistic and natural images of people and their models should also in a healthy weight. Because the types of stories which appear in magazines aimed at teenagers, magazines must only include positive content and messaging. These rules are absolutely necessary because magazine is also the way that let teenagers get to know the society.
The headings from various magazines such as “TRISHNA AND KRISHNA meet our miracle brother”, “HOT NEW SEASON LOOKS”, “CALISTA HARRSION her new love and baby Liam”, etc. These headings also show women’s interests that they love fashion, gossips (relationships) as well as some fresh and interesting things.
Overall, slim, successful, perfect and without flaws as well as a look that is unobtainable by the vast majority of women is the way women represented on the covers of these magazines.

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