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Question: disruptive scghool students have a negative influence on others. Students who are noisy and disobedient should be grouped together and taught separately . Agree or disagree ?

The impact of corrupted students on other students has received a great amount of attention in recent years . To address this challenge , i believe that schools should educate these students separately , as students would identify the importance of social norms , and teachers can observe them carefully with a special curriculum.

To begin with , problematic students who are isolated will perceive that they have to suffer consequences if they do not obey roles .This makes them recognize how essential it is to observe the regulations . As a result , they will have proper attitudes and alter their code. In fact , there are many schools which apply this method , and their achievements are welcomed , as the rate of disobedient students decline dramatically .

Furthermore , when adopting this measure, teachers can use a special curriculum to educate students. Many bad students tend not to concentrate on study , and they usually make noise . It is generally believed that normal lessons seem not to appropriate for them. Hence , a relevant approach and strict regulations should be made by teachers . Besides , teachers will have to spend more time caring about and educating them on moral standards .With a curriculum containing social norms , these students would are capable of appreciating what things they should do and should not do . Facts have shown that many professors established this category of lesson , and they demonstrated how reliable this method is .

By way of conclusion , schools should teach disruptive students separatedly because teachers can apply consistent formulas and students would have chances to appreciate moral standards .

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