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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television .newspapers magazines and other media pay attention to the personal lives of famous people such as public figures and celebrities. use specific reasons and details to explain your opinion.

The fantastic development of public media has made it possible for people to receive different kinds of information .however, it seems that the public media excessively pay attention on personal lives of famous people ,such as public figures and celebrities .to some extent ,it may do harm to the whole society.

For one important reason, some information of famous people‘s personal life has the reverse side to the society. It may also cause a large number of society problems .for instance, juvenile delinquency, drugs taking or even psychological problems. nowadays more and more idolatrous crazy about their idol, the age of them are younger and younger, they may imitate what their idols do what food they are eating, what kind of friends they are making and so on .take Britney Spears as an example, we often heard the scandals of her. despite she had do some scandalous things ,the public media shouldn’t pay too much attention on it. we should focus on she had also do some charity to the society. They would better show the good side of the famous people and do not take the famous person’s scandals as an interesting tidbit.

Another significant aspect is privacy. either of celebrities or ordinary people should be respected. Each person has their own personal life, many of them do not want to be disturbed by others. so does famous people. They want to split some time for their family. Personal life may reflect a sentimental value . for example, David Beckham spent holiday with his family , most paparazzi are get ready to snapshot. It may do harm to his family especially his young children… we always heard some famous people use physical attacks to the paparazzi. This may lead to a worse outcomes.

The last but not the least ,it exert a negative influence on the generation if media highlights the personal lives of public figures .public media should have pay much attention on the international news or some predecessors rather than personal scandals. in the long run ,it brings more harm than good for the media to pay too much attention to the personal lives of a famous people and it suggested to be stopped immediately .

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