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Is this sentence right?

  1. You will rich in the future, will not you?

  2. He is driving so fast, he will/ is going to get an accident.

Does take after have the same meaning as look after.

  1. You will be rich in the future, won’t you? / will you not?

“won’t you?” is the usual form. “will you not?” is more formal and is mostly for written English. “will not you?” is unnatural in modern English.

  1. He is driving so fast, he will / is going to have an accident.

I can’t think of any context where “look after” and “take after” would mean the same. … take-after … olicy=true

yes, I got it. Thanks you two very much!
Best wishes.

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May I most respectfully suggest that your second sentence should be:

He is driving so fast that he is going to have an accident.

So … that sentences are very common:

It is SO hot THAT I can fry an egg on the sidewalk.
I am SO hungry THAT I can eat a horse.
She is SO beautiful THAT men faint when they look at her.


“Take after” is normally said of children whose behavior reminds one of someone else.

Boy, Buddy sure takes after his dad; je’s a chip off the old block.

To look after something or someone is ensure that no harm befalls the someone/something.

Will you look after Junior for a while? I have an appointment with my hairdresser.