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Some students prefer classes with open discussions between the professor and students and almost no lectures. Other students prefer classes with lectures and almost no discussions. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In almost every class, lectures have become a really important part of a lesson, as they help the students to understand the lessons more clearly and deeply. Consequently, many students prefers classes with only lectures and no discussions. However, others disagree as they like to have classes with open discussions and almost no lectures. In my view, even though both opinion have their advantages, I still prefer to have classes with open discussions and no lectures for two reasons.
The main reason that persuade me to agree with the second opinion is that open conversations will definitely create a relaxed and comfortable environment in classes. In that way, students will have much more interests in learning. Let’s take an example from myself. In school, I have two classes with totally different method of teaching : the literature class is where we students are allowed to speak out our ideas and opinions about many famous novels. Also, we even can have open debates with our teacher if we have any difficulty in learning the lesson. This method of teaching has helped us so much in remembering the lesson and understand it in the most profound way. We also have a lot of fun and helpful experiences as we learn from each other when we tell the whole class about our ideas and opinions. Consequently, my whole class is always excited and enthusiastic when we study literature even though many novels are really long and take us a lot of time to actually understand. On the other side, our history class is filled with long lectures from the professor, and most of us have no chance to raise our voice about many issues. Therefore, we frequently feel really tired and sleepy whenever we have to study history. More importantly, we don not really study much from the lectures and usually learn by heart when there is an exam coming. As you can see, classes with open conversations and almost no lectures have so many benefits as it not only creates a wonderful environment but also make the students feel enthusiastic when they study.
Another reason is that it will help students to be more confident and believe in themselves. In the past, I was always timid and afraid, so that I never actually speak out my opinions in anything. However, after studying the literature class with open discussions and almost no lectures, I feel so much more comfortable because when I raise my voice about the issue, even though it may be wrong, everybody learn from that mistake, and we all try to fix for each other. This way of teaching, therefore, improve a lot of my important skills, especially my communication
In sum, while many may disagree with my point of view, I still really love classes with open discussions as it help students to be more confident and believe in themselves, also create a wonderful study enviroment.

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Hi Trang, welcome to the forum. It looks like you have prepared well for your test. You have a good overall structure and have put forth a convincing argument buttressed by detailed examples. You do have some errors in your sentence constructions, along with a few word choices that I think could be improved. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

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