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Argumentative essay: Should be ended the lives of fatally ill people?

People get various diseases through their lives. Some of these diseases are temporary and unfourtanately some are permanent and painful. Especially, with the increase of the electronic mechanisms that are often used in daily life, the number of lethal diseases such as cancer have risen in the last decades. Most people suffer substantially from these illnesses and they want to end their life. This demand is not acceptable. Therefore , the lives of fatally ill people should not be ended although it is patients’ desire.

Firstly, the new medical discoveries for lethal diseases can be invented easily thanks to technology that has developed quickly in the recent years. For example, a patient who gets the lung cancer, suffers from this illnesses and naturally feels hopeless. However, todays various medical developments are a source of hope for patients who decide to euthanasia, so they can defeat this terminally disease instead of thinking the death.

On the other hand, some people support that fatally ill people have the right to end their life. They believe that patients suffer continuosly from terminally ill and the ending of their lives is the better method for suffering less pain. They are right to some extent because, these ilnesses damage physically and emotionally people. This is a terrible period. However, while patients are determining to end their life, they have a hopeless mood, so they can not realize that every moment of life is precious even if they have a fatally ill.

To sum up, terminally ill people can want to end their life in order to escape immediately from the excessive pain of letal ilness, this is a normal period for their psychology. However, this should be prevented by their family because, live is the basic right of people even during fatally ilnesses.

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