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The question, do you agree or disagree with following statement: people nowadays spend more time on personal enjoyment than what they should do.
here is my essay:In current society, excessive-fast developed entertainment industries seem to change people’s life. According to these phenomena, some people are possible to claim that people nowadays spend too much time on personal entertainment. However, from my perspective, people still concentrate more on their work, family, country rather than personal entertainment, especially in current society.
To begin with, it is impossible for many people to focus too much on personal entertainments like TV, video games and movies in this highly competing society. According to the Darwin’s evolution theory, the fittest survives the natural selection. Competition exists everywhere such as jobs, university applications, even finding a mate. If people focus on their personal enjoyment, that means they are predicted to loss more opportunities. On the other hand, if people concentrate more on their jobs, studies, future, they are probable offered more options. Additionally, there are many imperative responsibilities including the family responsibility, the work responsibility and the social responsibility, which people can not escape from. To be more precise, people need to feed on their families and cultivate their children also they have to serve for their country. These are referred as imperative responsibly. Apparently, these responsibilities require people to invest most of their time on what they should do. As result, people only have little time on their personal issue.
Ultimately, people always try to spare no effort to promote their life conditions, social status and career by themselves all the time. We were told that the better education we get, the better life we have when we were little children. Personal case, i was told to work harder to have excellent academic performance by my parents. By this case, I just want to make the point more specifically that people can not achieve anything without hard work. So, people would not spend too much time on personal enjoyment in this competing society.
In a brief, according to the deliberated points in my passage. I still maintain that people still spend most of their time on what they should do today

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