Please help me correct this article!

My grammar is so bad, so please help me refine this article with more proper words or grammatical errors, thank you very much!

Department of English Major and German Minor in (the name of my school)

Before graduating from junior high school, I had no plan for the future at all. When I heard someone recommend (my school), I filled it in as the first choice in my preference card of high school entrance exams. Although I had a certain degree of interest in languages, I didn’t make good use of the resources of (name of school) at that time, for instance going abroad as an exchange student or trying my best to improve my language ability. Of course, those days were unforgettable. After graduating from (my school), I got a good score in a two-year technical program, but I preferred to go to university, which I had prepared a year ago.

*Department of Public Health at (university)

I benefited enormously from my university life, including learning knowledge of the unrelated field and complete a seminar in Preventions and Treatments of Lung Cancer. Unexpectedly, I was chosen as a seminar reporter, to conquer the difficulty of reporting on the stage, which had always been my nightmare, I put a lot of effort, such as practicing frequently and improving my oral expression. Being a seminar speaker is the best experience of my university life.

Word-processing Part-time Job

Since I studied in (university), I have started taking cases about word-processing, proofreading and some translation cases from my family having a literal studio. Even though what I interpret and edit does not include complex content, the work did allow me to realize what should I improve and where my future goal lies. During this time, I decided to advance my skills in English.


Hi 4C, welcome to our forum and thanks a lot for sharing your article with us. For starters, please note that the noun ‘grammar’ is uncountable. Other than this minor error your text is quite cohesive and easy to understand. Can you tell us a little bit more about your motivation to write this text? What exactly do you want to accomplish with it? Many thanks, Torsten

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Hi Torsten,
Actually I want to improve my written ability!
I can hear and understand English, but when I’m under the situation that I need to write(like reports and homework), I just can’ t use the right grammar and fluent sentences…
That is the main reason why I want to write down this short article, and I also want to practice in different types of articles in the coming future.
Thank you!


It’s very important to understand that if you want to improve your writing skills your most important activity is not writing but reading. Most people who want to improve their speaking skills think they need to speak a lot. They don’t. What they need to do is improve their listening skills. The same goes for improving your writing skills. You need to do a lot of transcribing. Do you know what this is and how it works?

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Torsten, thank you for your advice!
I’ll start with reading a lot of articles and transcribing sentences.
Thank you again, hope I can make some progress in the future!