Please help me check my self-introduction. Thank you


HI, everyone. I’m preparing for postgraduate entrance exam ad here is my self-introduction for the coming interview. Could you help me check if there are some problems in it? I would be appreciated for your help.
Good morning/afternoon, (dear) professors:
It is a pleasure for me to be here to introduce myself.
I’m XX, a major in translation from Nanjing University of information science and technology (NUIST).
My friends say that I am a hard-working/diligent and reliable person and I consider myself a fast learner. The four years of college have witnessed my growth in academic improvement and independent ability alike. I’ve passed TEM-8, won some prizes in the writing competition and dedicated my enthusiasm to work in the Student Union. Also, I have acted as an intern teacher in a high school for a time. All these experiences have enriched my understanding of the world and helped me acquired the ability to deal with something troubled us in calm.
As for my hobbies, I love music and books. And I also like doing some sports with my family and friends, for example, playing badminton with my brother and doing some jogging.
My perseverance is one of the merits which I think I own. Although failing in the exam last year, I still believed that further study is the best way for my development. So I have keep up improving myself and struggling. Working in silence, I will let the success be my noise. I’m looking forward to being a part of your university, and that’s all for my introduction, thanks for giving me this opportunity to have the interview. Thank you.


Hi Bridgett, good luck and here are my suggestions:


Wow! That’s so useful. Thank you so much. The phrase“dedicated my enthusiasm" means " tried my best…". On consideration, I think I should leave it out. Thank you.


Or maybe just “dedicated myself to working in …” or “dedicated my efforts toward working in …”


That’s right. I agree with you. Thank you.