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Hello, Moderators~(It’s my first time to be here, so if I made mistakes please just forgive me.)

Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In order to be well informed, people should get information from different news sources.

Different from the past, we can get the latest news from various kinds of media now. However, people hold different opinions about the issue that whether we will be well informed of the news if we get information from lots of mass media? From my point of view, I believe the mass media brings a lot of benefits to peoples live. It helps us to get news easier, faster and more comprehensively.

Firstly, getting information from different resources will help us get the latest news faster, which is very convenient for us. Because sometimes we cannot get the latest and useful information we want at the first time if we only get them from one source. I will use my own experience to hold this opinion. Last month in Beijing, it was raining heavily outside and I was just finished my work and intended to go back home by taking the subway. I went to my twitter page before I leave, I found that people were discussing about an serious accident just happened in the subway, people took latest pictures in the subway and put them on the Internet. So I went home by taxi instead of subway. Finally, I went home in time. After that day, the newspaper reported the accident, which made the subways paused for 2 hours. If I didn’t use the Internet to get the news that day, I might stick in the subway station for 2 hours. That must be so inconvenient for me.

Moreover, we can know the news more exhaustive if we get information from various kinds of sources. For instance, you want to know the information of princess William’s wedding. You can search the news in different resources. From the newspapers and magazines, you will know some basic information about the wedding, like the time, the place and the people attended. While from the televisions and Internet, you cannot only get the basic news but also see some video materials in the wedding, which include more details. What’s more, you can see a lot of comments on the internet about the wedding to let you know other people’s views and if you like you can also make some comments on the internet. Therefore, getting information from different news sources will be more comprehensively and more interesting.

Admittedly, facing different news contents and comments from different materials may make us confused, because there will be too much news every day, the political statements, the celebrities gossips, the technology development and so on. All the news will be messed up. However, I don’t think this is a problem, because people have different intentions when they are searching information, people always like to focus on the kind of news which we are interested in, and most of the news media have already classified the news materials into different aspects, people can find the news they like to know easily so that the information will not be a mess.

In a word, compare with getting information only from one way, we will be better informed if we get news from various kind of media resources.

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