Please help me! (additional TOEFL score report)

Hi. I will take the TOEFL test on June 2nd. I want to order a additional score report because the registration deadline is June 15th. But i can’t find the address of the recipient i want. I want to send the scores at this address:

Name: Prague College
City: Prague 2 - Vinohrady
Address: Polska 10
Zip/Postal Code: 120 00

So if i make the order how many days after June 2nd will the institution receive the report. Will i make in time for the deadline.
Please help me is very important.
Thank you.

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If you are going to take TOEFL on June 2nd,you will receive your score in around three weeks.The day,you receive your score online,the score cards(your copy and institutions’ copies) will be mailed the same day .It will most probably be recieved by you and the institutions in two weeks from the day it is mailed.

Thanks for the quick response. But if i order the additional score report before the test date online (for ex tomorrow) will the institution receive the report before June 15th.

They can mail the score reports only when you take the test and they evaluate it.So,no matter whether you order it now or on June 1(which is supposed to be the deadline for ordering additional score report in your case),universities will receive your score after your result comes online and gets mailed(so it all depends,how much time ets takes to evaluate your test and the postal department takes to deliver it :)…)

Sorry to say,but I dont think,your score report can reach the university on June 15th as ets takes around 3 weeks to evaluate your test.