Please help! Give me more tips to ace my TOEFL exam

Hi moderators,

Am giving my toefl exam on the 19th of this month…i just have few days left…have prepared enough i guess ,but am still not confident or happy about my preparation ,am really worried.Please give me some tips .I need more practice too i guess…


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Hi Bubbles

Make sure you don’t forget to capitalize the word ‘I’ on test day. :wink: Otherwise, I’d say you should do some general revision in the days remaining and practice writing some essays. Give yourself 30 minutes to write each one (the amount of time that you’ll have on the test).

Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before the test. Being rested will be more important than any amount of last-minute studying you might do.

Good luck!

hi yankee ,

Thanks for your reply.Hope I :smiley: dont mess up in the last minute ,and yes your right I should revise and practice some essay writing :slight_smile: …Thanks for your tip .


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