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Q:Using a computer everyday can have more negative than positive effects on children. Do you agree or disagree?

Computer, as one of remarkable inventions in last century, has changed our life in many aspects. Meanwhile the wide use of it becomes a controversial topic nowadays. Not only can computer absolutely benefit us but also it brings negative influence on us. Especially for those children, people argue if they should expose much to computer. But in my opinion, the advantages that computer have on children outweigh its negative affect.

To start with, we cannot deny the fact that computer has affected children negatively even if it is overused . Firstly, children tend to be addicted to playing video games on computer once their parents slack off. They are likely to spend too much time on computer while that should be used for homework . What is worse, because children are vulnerable to the popularity of violent and pornographic contents on Internet, the much exposure to computer has connection with higher rate of juvenile delinquency. Therefore, the moderate use of computer for children should be the precondition.

One the other hand, although we know excessive use of computer for children are detrimental, undeniably, computer is essential for children in daily life to improve their grades, relax and learn knowledge . First of all, children can search and read some reference books on computer after class and this can facilitate them score higher marks. Moreover, they can bring back the notes they write down on class so that they can digest them thoroughly. Second of all, children can have relaxation from computer after class. Listening to music, watching movies and playing virtual sports games are best examples on this aspect. Last but not the least, the easy access of Internet through computer plays an irreplaceable role in learning knowledge and broadening views for those children. They can learn what they cannot learn from class, for example, different culture, customs, folklore, life style and so many others.

To sum up, I think the proliferation of computer has much positive effects on children than negative effects. Nevertheless, to make sure children use it appropriately is vital for children and parents.

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