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  1. Plants can provide food, shelter, clothing, or medicine. What is one kind of plant that is important to you or the people in your country? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

My country, Armenia is rich in many plants. However, I would like to put one plant aside from others. That plant is the apricote that we call “ciran”. Armenia is considered the moderland of the apricote. A lot of tourists all over the world assert the apricote that grows is Armenia is very unique in taste.
To begin with, a lot of people plant apricote to provide for their basic needs. Agriculture is one of the most important sector of our economy. It helps to alleviate the poverty and boosts the welfare of the population in Armenia. Admittedly, a lot of people live in poverty and the unemployment rate is very high in my country. Therefore, a lot of Armenians cultivate the apricote to make jams, juice and marmalads in order not to be short of food in winter. So, many people plant the apricote to maintain their families and earn money for living. Moreover, the farming business creates a lot of job openings, spurs and prospers the economy of Armenia. There is also a great demand for the apricote by foreign cunsumers and most of the companies which cultivate the apricote export them to the other countries. It gives them the opportunity to enlarge their market and trigger off a lot of profits. Therefore, the apricote business guarantees steady and high profits for the company. Moreover, it contributes a lot to the community and improves the living standards.
In addition, apricote is considered the symbol of Armenia. Moreover, you can see its colour in the national flag of Armenia that symbolizes the endeavors of hard-workers. Moreover, the most famous Armenian instrument “duduk” is made of apricote tree. Duduk is considered the best representative of Armenia and inseparable part of our culture. Furthermore, Armenia even took part in Eurovision International Contest with a special song that was called “apricote stone”.
To sum up, the apricote business benefits my country, helps people to survive and improves the living conditions. Moreover, it is not just a plant, but also the best representative of Armenian culture.

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Hi, this essay was really informative - it sounds like you know a lot about the apricot. It is a shame you mispelled the name of the fruit, but I knew what you were talking about - I found this stamp:

You had a few other errors as well, maybe they would reduce your score to a 4.5.