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Young people enjoy life more than older people?

Whether young people enjoy life more than older people do is a heated subject of much debate. Some people affirm that older people enjoy all the bounties bestowed upon them as they realized that they are close to their sunset. Moreover, older people have been spending most of their life working and earning money, therefore when they get older they prefer to spend their time travelling and rejuvenating their souls. However, despite those arguments as far as I am concerned, young people enjoy life more for several reasons.
To begin with, with the technological advancements and the rapid growth of our society, young people have more opportunities to have fun. It is indisputable that with the advent of the internet people have the greatest chance to keep in touch with close people who live abroad. The internet helps people to cross the boundaries and eliminates the borders between countries. Moreover, it is very difficult to imagine our lives without technological and electronic appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines. I still remember how it was difficult and tiresome for my mother to do laundry when I was a child. It was very time consuming for her and caused many health problems. In comparison, nowadays one should click on just a few buttons to have her laundry done.
In addition, nowadays young people experience more freedom rather than our grandparents. For example, my grandparents lived under the political regime of the Soviet Union. They were restricted to speak up their opinion in public. It is indubitable that they were not permitted to do whatever they considered right. Moreover, women were not as free and there was a huge pressure on them. Those women who were engaged in public affairs or bold enough to make their own judgements were harassed by the society. The role of the women was very limited and they should be engaged only in household chores. Nowadays, I still can notice that older people still behave the same and are not free enough to enjoy the life completely and speak up their point of views.
Finally, young people are more energetic and ambitious. It is indisputable that young people believe in their future and do their best to achieve all their goals. There is no doubt that young people have more desire to change something in their lives and pave their path to success. They are more of a risk-taker who want to experience all the extremes in life. Youngsters are more inclined to experience everything in life and discover the world around them. For example, there are mostly young people who have fun engaging in extreme sports, hanging with their friends or getting involved in different international programs. They seek more knowledge and try to do everything to widen their horizon and open their eyes’ towards the world.
To sum up, young people enjoy life more as they have more opportunities to have fun and experience different situations in life. Moreover, due to technological growth and the change of the political regime that governed the country there are less restrictions and burden put on young people.

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