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  1. What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

What qualities a good superviser should possess is a heated subject of much debate. Some people affirm that a good employer should be an intelligent and well-educated person who will share his knowledge and experience with his employees. However, as far as I am concerned, a good superviser should be a good leader, a respectful and an organized person
To begin with, a good superviser should be a good leader who always keeps the moral high and provide an open environment of positive thinking. It is indubitable that a good superviser monitors others progression and creates an open atmosphere that cultivates encouragement and inspiration. There is no doubt that he should always positively impact his workers performance and willingness to work. A good superviser should reward the strong performers and encourage the poor ones. They say the team with a strong leader is more powerful that the one with strong members. A good leader will always motivate his employees to realize their full potential and contribute everything they are capable of doing. My own experience may shed some light on this point. My previous director used to encourage us to take part in different training courses and work hard to achieve our goals. He opened a lot of doors to us and used to provide a solid foundation to establish our plans for the future. He provided an impetus to go forward and become successful. He was very supportive and whenever I doubt my abilities he used to remind me of my strength and gave me courage to persist. Moreover, he encouraged us to persevere and never give up. Thanks to him I could work diligently and made much contribution to my company.
In addition, a good superviser should be organized and responsible. It is indisputable that an employer is in charge for the whole company and employees. His should be distiplined to guarantee the well run of the business. He should do the assignments on time and never fail doing all work on time. Many superwisers usually work even extra hours to direct others and not to make faults.
Finally, a good superviser should have respect towards others and their personal life. There are a lot of employees that boss around abd do not lose their opportunity to abuse their employees. Unfortunately, nowadays it is very difficult for many people to get a job, therefore many employers make inappropriate suggestions and encrouch others private life. Once one of my friends encountered such a problem. His superviser, who was married, used to ask her out and promised to promote her to higher position. She was terrified and decided to leave the company.
To sum up, a good should be a good leader who will provide encouragement and set example through his own actions. Moreover, he should be a respectful towards his employees and treat them fairly.

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Hi Ani, another good essay, though you did have some errors here and there, more towards the end of your essay I think. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.