Please give me suggestions! I don't know what to do :(

Hi everyone,

I planned to take test at least twice to get my best scores in TOEFL but… I got 115 on my first try.

So now I have like 4 Online Practice Tests from ETS for 50$ each which I planned to do after my first try to see how much I could get on my first try.Now, they are kinda useless to me right now. So i was thinking if I could sell them to someone? Because I am in need of money right now… I wouldn’t care if I had to sell it cheaper than I bought them. I just really need some extra money. So I want to sell them as soon as possible. I have never done something like this before. That is why I am posting to ask you guys what I should and can do.

Thanks, Ryuuji

TOEFL listening lectures: How do botanists define a seed?

hi, Ryuuji
Jesus i tried my toefl but got panic, i failed but repeating it soon how can i get focus to pass it and what are your suggestions