Please give Manchester United luck in the 2nd Half against City

First half just ended a few minutes ago 0 - 0
City lead 2 - 1 on Aggregate

Please use whatever means necessary Voodoo doll chants curse spell rain dance - what ever - please make it happen…

yes you in hyperspace out there

Make Man Utd go through to next round!!


With sugar on top!!

Ya huns won again. This time without extra added Fergie time. Cause yis were a goal up…

Haha!! Ralf!! To easy mate!!!

I knew they were gonna hack it!! :-)(like F@@k!!)

I think ManU are a spent force now Jim, and if they lose Rooney and Ferguson simultaneously, it will be game, set and match.

Come’on the Magpies!!!


Bill - If pigs had wings your grannie would a been a squadron leader…
When your a Magpie canny lad you need a fertile imagination. hehe!!

Imagining is not real iife though!!

Keeee - gan Keeee - gannn!!!

heres a clip of you I found!