Please explain position of this words in the sentences.

1.)Towards the end of his ,lalu had emerged as a management guru of sorts.

2.)It was Mehmud himself who sincerely asked Salim to betray him BEING least in the eyes of their man as per their daredevil design to facilitate yhe enactment of the stupendous episode of bringing the people of … .

  1. sort of guru or guru of sorts or are the interchangeable witohout changing the sense of the sentence.

2> simplify sentence starting from … him being … .

thirdly i have also read many times sentences which use

[inflation figures compared to July last… ] shouldn’t it be last July. or it is ok without changing the sense

  1. You are correct. The terms are interchangeable without changing the meaning.
  2. I’m sorry I can’t help you with this one. I don’t understand what you are trying to say.
  3. It depends on whether they are saying:
    “…compared to last July.”
    “… compared to July last year.” (Some people leave out the word ‘year’, and it is accepted but it is not what I would consider to be good English.)

Please help with second sentence also, the original sentence wherein i replace name is

)It was Jeseus himself who sincerely asked Judas to betray him BEING least in the eyes of man as per divine design to facilitate enactment of the stupendous episode of crucifixion and subsequent resurrection.

source (A news article about recent discovery of gospel of papirus documents ofJudas in The Egypt.)

The original sentence means:
“It was Jesus who asked Judas to betray him, because it was God’s plan that a lowly man (such as Judas) should take steps which would begin the act of crucifixion and subsequent resurrection.”

Please try to make it clear what you are intending to ask…

Hi Sahid,

I wasn’t the person asking anything :slight_smile: