Please evaluate:Some argue that teaching student of different abilities in one...

Topic : Some argue that teaching student of different abilities in one class room isn’t beneficial. Discuss and give your own opinion.

Teaching in a class room is in customs since many years. Almost all of us studied through the class room teaching from the primary schools to the higher educations. In my opinion, there are many benefits of it.

In a class, other than the main subject, we learn behavioral aspects of life as well. For example, we learn how to behave in public or in front of others. By seeing a class room, we understand the value of the education and the teacher. We get a chance to understand the team building. We rejoice friendship. We accept the healthy competition with the others.

Secondly, it is interesting and exciting for a teacher to teach all the students in a class room instead of teaching only one student at a time. In a class, a teacher can appreciate a student in front of others. The students work hard to build their good image in the class. Furthermore, if a student asks the questions or his doubts in the class room, others also get benefit out of it. So, the class room studies are beneficial for all.

Some people argue that all the students have different abilities so how can they all read in one class room. According to me, if a student really needs individual attention due to a particular reason, the teacher should provide him a personal guidance in addition to the classroom teaching.

To put in a nut shell, I would say that the class room teaching is the best way of teaching and improving the student’s abilities.

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Hi, your writing is pretty good, although your sentence structure and vocabulary are pretty basic. Your thesis sentence is also extremely weak - “In my opinion, there are many benefits of it.” - this does not ignite my interest in the topic and motivate me to find out more details of what your view of the topic is. But your critical fault is that for the most part, your essay does not addrees the topic correctly. The prompt asks you to choose whether the class should be divided by ability - A students here, B students here, C students over there; or teach every level of ability in one common classroom. You will get a very low score if you make this mistake on the test.