Please evaluate my speaking, thank you very much (study in groups)

Some students study for classes individually. Others study in groups. Which
method of studying do you think is better for students and why?

Personally, I like to study with other students for several reasons. First of all, why study with other people? I can discuss with them. If I am Christians or problems, they can help me to solve them. Besides, I can compare my notes with lother students. If I forganst jus upsandown during the classes, they will be a great help. Finally, I can make friends with lazam friends, or lazam students because they shares the same interest with me. They take the same courses with me, so that, those people are great to hang out, to hang around. That is all.

Thank you very much Luschen
It is great to see you here.
The suggestions are very helpful to me.
I am working on the problems you pointed out from my speaking.

Hello Lushen,

I couldn’t solve this sentence. Could you please to explain to me what it means.

“If I am Christians or problems, they can help me to solve them.”

Many thanks for advance.

Kati Svaby

Hello Lushen,

There are some words and sentences what I couldn’t solve. Can you please to help me with an explanation.
The sentence: “If I am Christians or problems, they can help me to solve them.”
Words what I couldn’t find:
upsanddown’ - I thought ups and downs but it doesn’t fit in the sentence,
forganst jus =Forgan St jus (jus (fr) juice(Am). I thought whether you spoke about a juice what spilt?
What does "I can make friends with lazam friends or lazam students mean?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Kati Svaby

Hi, sorry to confuse you Kati,

I just transcribed exactly what I heard in the recording. Those phrases are not real English and are not what Lvar intended to say. They are just the phonetic sounds that I heard. I think “lazam” is supposed to be “lots of” - I forget what the other phrases were supposed to be. Sorry for any confusion.

Hello Lushen,

It is very good. I was laughing what a good idea to write what we hear. I could send you similar text, if I tried to write what I hear.

Many thanks.