please evaluate my essay about nuclear energy ( advantages and disadvantages)

The advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. Do you support using it or not?
Please I am new here, can people who have some experience evaluate my essay ? and give me a grade please…

If we give a small look to the world around us, we notice that everything we use has its advantages and disadvantages; that simply depends on the way we use it. The same issue can be applied on the nuclear energy, and this can be noticed in many incidents around us in the word. Therefore, I think that nuclear energy has its advantages and disadvantages, but I don’t support using it in today’s life.

First, nuclear energy has its invaluable advantages. For example, if one country has its nuclear energy center, it will gain a political esteem from other countries because they will be considered strong and advanced countries. Therefore, those advanced countries will guarantee some safety for their citizens because they are unlikely to be exposed to any assaults from others. They are considered developed countries and they are cherished from others. Russia and Japan are good examples of these countries. They have their nuclear plans, and they are powerful countries. Therefore, nuclear energy has some advantages to provide for the countries.

However, we cannot ignore the disadvantages of the nuclear energy that may harm not only individuals, but also the whole natural system in the country where they are existed. We can take what happened recently in Japan as a good example for this kind of calamity. It was just an earthquake and Tsunami that was able to affect the nuclear plant in Japan, so it started to heat up and melt, Then it exploded to mar everything in the city. A lot of people have affected by the radiation, and pollution has spread everywhere. Also, there are evidences that cancer cases will rise in the coming year among people in this place. Also, the soil is no longer good to be planted. Therefore, many disasters will be resulted from nuclear energy that cannot be ignored.

Hence, I completely disagree to use this type of energy in the world today. It may have some advantages to provide, but the calamities that may be resulted from its misuse outweigh the good effects. We may see that some powerful countries use this type of energy in some research, or they use it to substitute other types of energy such as fuel, which is going to be gone one day. However, a small mistake may take over everything, and it may affect the people for generations to come. Moreover, the disaster can be more when this energy is used in the form of weapons like what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For example, as a result for the calamity that happened there, many people were not able to give a birth for normal babies because they were affected by the radiation from these nuclear weapons, so their babies were affected as well and they were born with Down syndrome.

In conclusion, like everything in the world, nuclear energy has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if we use it wisely, we will have positive effects; otherwise, we would suffer from its shortcoming. However, if we still remember the calamity that happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we should stop using nuclear energy.

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