? (Please, don't make me say words, That I don't really mean...)

Please, don’t make me say words,
That I don’t really mean.
Don’t lead me to places,
I don’t what to go,
For the one I love’s not here,
And I know the thing I fear,
Is to break the heart of one who really cares.
For I’ve been here before,
Saw my dreams crash to the floor,
And my poor old heart,
Just can’t take any more.

I brushed tears from her eyes,
When I breathed our last goodbye,
I know she didn’t want for me to go,
But I left her just the same,
And I took that big fast plane,
To a place my heart just didn’t want to go.

So, please don’t lure me with your charms,
Don’t try to take me in your arms,
For that’s one place I really don’t belong.
I can’t say the things you want to hear,
I can’t do the things you’d like me to.
When you’re near it’s so easy to pretend,
But I’d much rather be your friend.
For my heart stayed in the West,
With the one I love the best,
But we never ever more will be.

Didn’t try to make it rhyme. No need to.


Now, please do say few words for the one who stays behind :slight_smile:

Charming words…

You left me behind, all alone,
To smile through tears, answer the phone.
They all said that you’d be back,
But ten years on I’m still alone.
I don’t know why you went away,
I hoped and prayed that you would stay.
But you walked away, no backward glance,
It’s finished now,
You had your chance.
Don’t bother writing,
Don’t try to phone.
You have your ten years,
Of being alone.

Just for you Gray.


Thanks Kitos. I wish I could write the way you do :slight_smile:

Good morning Gray. Haven’t seen much of you lately.

Hope things are going well for you.


Good morning Kitos. I am doing well, hope everything is fine with you.
I got engaged few months back… now you know the reason for my absence :wink:

You got engaged? Stay well clear of whaling ships then. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: