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Do you agree or disagree:Playing games teach us about life.

As living standard is constantly being improved , people have lots of time and energy to get entertainment, we can see games have already played an very important role in our society. Although the purpose of game is mainly for fun and relaxing,as far as I know, they’re not noly a choice of getting entertainment , but also an important way to learn much abourt our life .
Some traditional games, just like playing poker, could be an good example to illustrate this point.Poker is a very popular game with variety method of playing in the world.,but almost all of them require players to be intelligent and quick-witted.When the game starts, you need to make right decisions in just right time, and you will possiblely lose the chance to win if you don’t do so for only one time. Therefore, an right stratrgy ,excellent memory, or even a calm and strong heart would be enssential to you.In real life, I think,we could develop the same ability to work out problems or to compete with rival,and espicially we cannot lose the opptunities if they are coming.
Then I would like to talk about the computer games.By the increasingly develop of digitatl technology,computer games is becoming more and more varied and meaningful.From watching the high destrucitive power of an coorperative combat with diffrent kinds of weapons in 《Star Craft》, we learn much about teamwork ,we have to say:how effective the cooperation is! From playing the《Biohazard》,we can feel the same fear with the role in game,but the result always told you the victory is only belong to the real man.And you won’t feel the highly respectable friendship called “Don’t give up anybody” if you never play《The call of duty》.I don’t have to mention so much about《the sims》,the whole life is almost in it.
Of course, as what I said ,the games has so many advantages to teach you about life, but you had not better to be addicted,whatever you did in the game,you still live in the ture world.
Above all, I agree with “Playing games teach us about life”. A few guys gave up the schoolwork or enterprise for only palying games, but, most of people can distinct clearly what is the difference between game and the true life, moreover,there are almost everything in the world has its another side,we cannot deny games’ advantadges just because of these special case . Actrually, you can get the insperation of life from any simple game , so long as you intend to.

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I am so sorry to wirte such a terrible essay. I’m trying to get better.It can be felt that leenda get an excellent writing skills.But,I still have no idea with my essay,could you give me some examples to illistrate ? Thank you very much ,kitosdad

Frank, I can’t help you with your essay, other than to edit it. It is your thoughts and imagination that contain the essence of your essay.

I can tell you this though … You need to READ every thing you can lay your hands on.
Only by reading will you ever be able to truly conquer this language of ours.

There is no greater truth than :- You are what you eat - You write what you read.
If you are a poor reader, then it is logical that you will be a poor writer.

Every good writer here learnt only by learning the basics of English grammar, and then learnt how the words were composed to make intelligible sentences.

This is the “easy secret” Frank … read, read, read.

Kitos. Goodnight Frank.

Thank you,kitos,I’ll do my best and you will see the progress…