please correct the following sentences

Hello :slight_smile:

I need help again. Please go over the following and help me fix them.

A: He is a very avid person to earn money.

B: I’ve got amenable right for my company regulation.

C: Her fashion style is too chic.

D: I beg to inform you that we should cut off our employees.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

A: He is very interested in earning money. ‘Avid’ is not a good choice.
B: Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.
C: doesn’t sound very plausible.
D: Definitely not! Perhaps you mean ‘make some employees redundant.’

What about this sentence : I beg to inform you that we should cut back on our employees. Is it correct?

Not really… now that you have changed ‘cut off’ to ‘cut back’ I understand the meaning of the sentence, but why would you beg to tell someone something? If you are providing information, then use of ‘beg’ is incorrect, as it relates to asking for something, not providing something. I suggest replacing it with ‘regret’.