please correct my mistakes.

can somebody help to correct my voice recording.

hi there!
may i make friend with you?
m also new in this forum
tell me where you r from
let share to know more

How are you doing today?
Ya i am looking for a friend who can talk with me. Because its my exam on coming 23 July , so i want to practice for speaking. I am bit nervous because I thought speaking section is very tough. Can you guide me how to improve it more? So i can speak confidently and without fear.


hi you
say hello from VIETNAM
nice to klnmow you

hi my name is Abdo and I have got IELTS 5.5 and I have free time to talk with you in massenger to improve our speaking skills
my e-mail

TELEVISION , as we all know has proved to be a boon for our century,if one thing that we can mention has improved tremendously then definitely television would be the one out of many ,it has influenced our lives like anything ,from child to grandparents it has influenced all age groups.There was a time years back when only middle age group people used to watch television with one or two channels forecasting on it ,but now trend has changed completely. There are separate channels for every age group ,for ex- cartoon network for children,sansakar channel for older people, all those soapy channels like starone;star plus;saharone for ladies and middle age group, discovery for students and the list goes on.So everyone has something or the other to fetch from television from morning to midnight ,and this is the reason why everyone is so much inclined towards it ,and it is obvious that if you watch something so frequently then you definitely will get influenced by it and so we can say television is influencing people’s behaviour these days remarkably .
Aint this really strange that small children trying to fly like superman or “spiderman” . The way television presents such movies they make it so simple ,natural and interesting that every kid starts thinking that if it is coming on television then it might be possible only and they start living in that imaginery world,this was one dark aspect .On contrary television has proved to be blessing also,channels like discovery,national geographic have helped not only the school children but college,university and even working professionals ,information which you wont get anywhere will be there on discovery,this is the channel where 'live heart surgeries 'have inspired many students to become surgeons ,and also programs on machinery and advanced gadgets have inspired many to become engineers .Beside these channels we have those soapy channels which inspire our grandmother’s and mother’s to cook some or the other new conspiracy against each other, though at times they also utilize it in a good way by watching some cookery show and then trying those new recepies , in contrast to them there are channels like" sansakar "and " astha " that has influenced the elderly to great extent and they listen and learn something good , and then apply in their day to day life as well.
IN the end i will wrap up by saying that everything has its pros and cons and so does television ,it depends on us how we get and want to influence ourselves ,if we focus on pros then it will prove to be a blessing else we will end up ruining our nature , habbits , family ,surrounding ,and then finally ourselves wholey and soley.

Hi, friend
I am new here
I want more correction from here
I want speak Good English also I want good friendship all over the world
Please help me and correct me

hi you!
may i begin by asking you where are you from?
iam from VIETNAM
nice to know you
next, in order to response to your request about your recording, i will correct some your mistakes you made
you said"am i speaking too fast or too slow?"
that is wrong
you have to say that"am i speaking too fast or too slowly?
a little help

Hello Desertcactus,

Actually, “Am I speaking too quickly or too slowly?” would be correct.
I’m sure your help for others is appreciated, but maybe you should consider your own writing… in particular the fact that you don’t seem to know when to use capital letters or full stops. Is this the case?