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[color=darkblue]Traveling to a different country can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time. What are the most important pieces of advice that you would give visitors to your country.

Today most people tend to visit other countries. Especially people attempt to spend their holidays in a foreign country. Even though, traveling to a foreign country can be frustrating, I think it is more exciting and joyful. Every year many tourists visit our country and satisfy their travel. I can give this advice to visitors of my country that they should be confident and enjoy the beauty of our country.

I would like underline that this year is differing from other years because “The Eurovision” song contest will be held in our country this year. Therefore, the number of tourists that visit our country will increase greatly. That is why our country is working hardly to get ready to receive such a great number of visitors. I believe that there will not be big problems for visitors. There are enough hotels and other places that tourists can rent for a while. The costs of these places are suitable for them, too. So they should not have any big problem with finding places to take rent.

Moreover, I would like to emphasize that our people is very hospitable. Everybody in my country is interested in tourists and tends to help them. They always tend to make the tourist to fill as comfortable as in their own country. Tourist should not frustrate this attitude and should believe the frankness of our people. Besides, a group of police can be seen in every part of county and they are preserving public law. Most of them know English and they can communicate with the tourists and solve their problems easily.

To sum up, I would like to emphasize that our country have many places that can be interesting for the tourists. That is why every year we receive many tourists to our country and they satisfy their journey. People should not afraid to visit our country and they can surely choose our country to visit next years.

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Hi, I am not an English teacher, but as a native speaker I have made some comments on your essay. I think you have done a good job, but rework your thesis statement to reflect the rest of your essay. You have convinced me that perhaps I should visit Azerbaijan - how is the airfare from Nashville? :wink:

Luschen, Thank you very much!

i can be glad to see you in Azerbaijan :slight_smile: