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Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

There are two accepted methods for learning all over the world. As it seems obvious direct experience and indirect experience are the ways we can learn a concept or an action. Although most concepts can be gained by indirect experience, we need some practice to learn actions. Since knowledge is a sub-scale of a concept, they largely can be learned by experience of other people which are presented as books, articles and magazines.

Undoubtedly, learning something hard way is more effective than learning by studying. In fact, they are less susceptible to be lost over time because we have picked them up by experiencing the real situation. For example, I have learned how to use Microsoft Word, an editing software, by trial and error. In other words, I have experienced all features of the program and learned how it functions. Although many people prefer this way for learning a new concept, there is easier way around and that is using books and related articles to improve our knowledge in all new subjects.

On the other hand, in fast pace growth of information in modern societies and also technology expansion, it is not wise to learn all concepts by experiencing them. Actually, in order to follow this pace we do not have any alternative but to use books and other indirect resources. Gaining knowledge by means of books is not only time effective, but also it helps to decrease expenses. For example, consider an experimental study that has been conducted by some researchers and its results have already published as an approved paper in a scientific journal. It is foolish to repeat that work to experience it by your own; instead we can study that paper and realize the subject.

In this essay, I attempted to compare and contrast two common ways of learning. In the end, all the above mentioned discussions lead to this conclusion that we do not need to experience all things to acquire knowledge. The easier method is using others’ experience in order to broaden our knowledge in many aspects.

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Hi, your essay was very good. “Indirect experience” is not really a common phrase in English - I think it would be fine to use here as long as you quickly define it the first time you use it - i.e. “indirect experience, that gained from books or teachers” You had a few minor errors and a couple word choices that could be improved. As I said below, your first body paragraph had some awkward phrases, but your essay improved from there. Overall, I would rate it a 4 out of 5.

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A question: I cant understand the meaning of “given the fast pace growth”, would you mind elaborating on that?
In addition, when should we use realize and when understand? what is the difference of their meaning among native speakers. what about perceive?

“given the” can be replaced by “considering the”. It is saying that since one thing is true, another thing must follow and be true as well. “Given the fact that I was born in America, I know how to speak English well.” or “Given that I was born in America, I know how to speak English well.”

I think it comes from geometry, where you are given certain facts, and have to prove other facts based on those initial conditions: "Given that angle AB is a right angle, what angle is BC?

In your example, the fact is that the information is growing quickly, so it follows that it is not wise to learn everything first-hand.

Here is a good webpage I found that describes the difference between realize and understand: … nderstand/