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Every young adult has their own inspirations, their own passions and their own dreams. Unfortunately, many lose sense of motivating themselves, fulfilling their crafts, and pursuing their goals just moments after they step out of high school. As a result, many young adults fail, in a sense of compassion for a higher education.

Generally speaking, I don’t want to become one of those young adults. I certainly have a desire for a higher education. I strongly believe that Fresno Pacific University is the right place to accomplish it. A higher education is very important to me because I believe it will somewhat build a bridge to the person that I want to become. That is why I am certain that I want to attend Fresno Pacific University not only for its academic status and ethics, but also for its influential environment.

As I mentioned in my recent application for Fresno Pacific University, I am still “undecided” on what course I want to major in. However, I am confident that Fresno Pacific University will help me discover my major as I progress through each semester.

In addition to its academic status that can surely provide me all the help that I need, I am very eager to attend Fresno Pacific University for its good ethics. Moral values are very important to me, and when I found out (from a friend who recently graduated from FPU) that Fresno Pacific University is a Christian university, I was even more motivated to go to college. I was raised in an environment in which everyone must treat one another with respect. My parents were really strict about teaching their children with good proper manners which brings me to my last point.

Environment, in terms of my surroundings, is extremely important, as it will somewhat influence the characteristics I will portray as I develop and become an adult. When I heard all of the outstanding comments about Fresno Pacific University, one thing always stands out–the influential environment it portrays to each students and vice versa. From researching about FPU on the web, hearing about it on a Christian radio station and through reading about it in an issue of Axis, I found out that many students who are enrolled and have graduated from FPU are having or have had the best time of their lives. Students at FPU are friendly and most importantly, they come with good influence.

In other words, I don’t think there is a better university that suits my needs other than Fresno Pacific University. I am sure that Fresno Pacific University will be a bridge to keep me motivated and satisfied in pursuing my goals in life. I am also confident, that with the help of Fresno Pacific University, I’ll be able to grow in Christ mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, in which I believe it can and will bring out the person I want to be.