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Students should be required to take regular standardized tests to prove that they are learning.

     Students should take tests to prove that they learned and understood all recent topics they had pass. After taking a test every undergrad will know which subject he/she needs to more practice to improve skills and get higher grade in the future tests. Also, tests help students keep in mind materials which they had learned and that will help them to use their education when they get job.
  Likewise, tests help to a techer know how he/she did teaching job. In which subject he/she needs more practice with students. If students won't take tests teacher will teach all undergrades in the same way,because he/she won't know about student understands and learns what he/she teaches about. So,after taking tests teacher will begin find different,easy to understand ways for students to deeply learn material from which they got lower grade.
      So,as we see taking tests really helpfull for students to get better education and learn subjects deeply, which will help them in their future life.

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