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I went to the crime scene and collected the evidences. Then, I returned to the lab.
Below is a dialogue between an officer and I.

Officer: What’s up, Ricky?
Ricky/Me: I have collected/collected the evidences and I find/found that nothing is related to the case.

At the time of speaking, which tenses are more natural?


First of all, it should be “evidence” (singlular).
Then I would put it this way:

I was collecting evidence at the crime scene and couldn’t find anything related to the case.
I have collected evidence at the crime scene. (if you have collected evidence, it already suggests that you have found something related to the case you’re working, your second statement appears to belie that)


Thanks. But, at times, the evidence might not necessary be related to the case. Hence, tests are performed at the lab to find answers.

Basically, it’s a question of the present perfect vs. the simple past. But, I just couldn’t decide which to use in situations like this.

Any more comments please?

I agree with Tort.