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One day, a farmer fought with his neighbor. Later when he realized his mistake, he came ashamed on himself. He was so ashamed that he went to a monk and asked “How could i atone of my mistake?”

Monk said, bring a bag full of feathers and blow it between the city. Farmer did as well as sage told him and then returned to the sage. Sage said to him, now go and all who flew the wings to elicit them in the bag. Innocent farmer when reached there to do that work, then he came to know, it is not only hard but impossible also. He came back to Sage with empty bag. Watching it, Sage said, “it is also with words that comes out of mouth.”

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Hi Mrsonu,
Compare the versions, then ask if there’s anything I’ve changed which you don’t understand:

One day, a farmer fought with his neighbour. Later he regretted his harsh words. He was so ashamed hat he went to a monk and asked, “How can I atone of my mistake?”
The monk told him to take a bagful of feathers to the highest point in the city and let the wind carry the feathers all over the city. The farmer did as the sage told him, then returned to the sage. The sage then said, “Now go and collect every feather and return them to the bag.”
The innocent farmer returned to the city to carry out this work, but soon came to understand that it was not only hard, but an impossible task to take back all the feathers. Despondent, he returned to the sage with an almost empty bag. Looking at it, the sage said, “It is like this also for words that come out of the mouth.”