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Describe the most interesting trip you have ever taken. Explain why it was the most interesting. Include details and examples to support your explanation.

Actually, there are more than one interesting trip but the most interesting one was when we went to Paris in holiday to visit my sister it was wonderful trip. It was most important trip because it was the first time which I visit Paris. Since I was young I have dreamed to visit Paris, However, We taken plane from KSA airport to Paris airport, my sister received us in Paris airport then we went to her house after that We ate A delicious lunch together. the next day we went to a museum and saw every thing about French culture, really it was distinct day. at last day in Paris we went to shopping from the biggest market in Paris, we bought many gifts for our relatives and friends at our hometown then we went to French restaurant and ate delicious food after that we returned to home and went to the airport and returned to our hometown. Really it was an amazing trip.

Hi Mona,

Thank you for your message and congratulations on having read it to us. There are several spelling mistakes in the piece. I think it would be a good idea for you to look at it and try to find the mistakes and then read it again more slowly.