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152-What is the most important animal in your country Why is the animal important Use reasons and specific details to explain your answer.

My country’s economy based on agriculture and it is still developing. Therefore livestock breeding becomes important for economy. Especially, cows are the most significant animal for my country. Because we can utilize its meat, milk and also leather. It’s all part of body is utilized and it is essential animal for my country.

First of all, meat is very common food in my country. My country’s people like meat and they usually use it when they cook something. Also our country’s cows are delicious than other cows. For instance, our government import some kinds of cows such as Angus because of lack of cows. When people eat both of them, they can choose these meat because our cows are delicious than Angus. Therefore our country’s cow is important and valuable because they feed different kind of grasses and these grasses become delicious them.

Moreover, milk is very important food for people. It has lots of benefit for people, especially, children. Producing milk is become important them in my country. My country is still developing and big percent of people are children. Milk is the most important food for young people and children. Our country can produce their milk and in fact remained milk is export. Therefore cow supply enough milk for my country and it comes extra money in my country’s economy.

Last but not least, confection industry is important for economic income. The most important reason of developed confection industry is livestock breeding. Cows’ leathers is most important commodity for confection industry. Also it become the most important my country in the confection industry.

To sum up, cow is the most important animal for my country. Because we can use their milk, meat and leather. It gains us food, clothes and money. In my opinion, it is very benefical animal for every country. It is like a alive factory!

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