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**. It has been said, “Not all learning takes place in the classroom.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from personal experience with knowledge gained from classroom instruction. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

Schools are the beneficial places for learning. People can can learn lots of informations in the classroom. In spite of the fact that people can gain a lot of knowledge from classroom instruction, but actually people can gain real knowledge from personal experience. Also people should use their gained knowledge from classroom instruction but if they do not have personal experience, this gained knowledge can not have value.

First of all, personal experiences are always significant for people. Maybe people can have big knowledge but sometimes this knowledge can not be enough for real life. For instance, when people go to driver licence course, they read usually driver licence courses book and they learn some information about first aid such as hearth massage. But people do not have practice about hearth massage in my country because courses do not teach practice. Therefore when people face an accident, they can not do something for people. Sometimes more knowledge is not enough for saving people life.

Secondly, people can learn and gain beneficial informations from classroom instruction. But sometimes these informations can be unnecessary for people. For instance, every students must study biology, physic and chemistry in my country. But some people can choose different class in the future such as they can choose literature class. Therefore their gained knowledge about biology, physic and chemistry can be unnecessary. But if they read books about literatures and research about literatures they can gain personal experiences and these personal experiences can be more beneficial for them.

Last but not least personal experience is more significant than classroom knowledge. Because when people graduate the university and they apply to jobs, companies usually ask their personal experineces. For instance if they attend different symposiom about their occupation, it can be advantages for them. Moreover only knowledge is not enough for conduct a company.

To sum up, personal experiences are the most significant for people. Because only knowledge is not enough for implement something. People always should have practice about their knowledge. In my opinion, experinced people are always strongest.

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