please check my pronunciation

Hello, everybody!

Now I’m retelling a text extract and I’d be glad if you check my pronunciation. I’m not sure if my intonation is correct. Thanks a lot!

Her career is older than most of her fans, and some may say that, now in her fifties, it’s time she slowed down and left the stage to younger performers. But the truth is that she still puts on an amazing show, and her tours continue to sell out.

I thought it was pretty good!

Sorry the recording function isn’t working for me. The only real issue I hear is that like a lot of Russians, you are pronouncing “her” with a long e, like “here”. It should be with a short e, like “fur”, or “sir”. Also, you are dropping the “g” on your “ing” words, which might be better than the common Russian accent error of putting too much stress on it. But overall I really had no trouble understanding your words, your intonation seemed fine.

Thanks, Luschen!