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Integrated writing on “twin studies”. Test 6 of Cambridge preparation for the TOEFL test.

In the lecture professor made several points about twin study. The professor argues that in the development of personality both nature and nurture plays important role but not only nature. While reading passage shows a study of identical and fraternal twins.

The reading passage states that in the classical twin study, identical twins display more similarities with regard to a particular characteristics than members of the fraternal group, then it is concluded that heredity plays a part in that behaviour. This is not what the professor says.

In the listening, the professor says that in the study, both identical twins and the fraternal twins are not given the same environment. For example, the identical twins treated as a single unit, they are given same ice creams, and same clothes, and are expected to join same activities. So they are likely to share an environment. Such similarity environment is not shared by both the fraternal twins and identical twins then nurture plays a part in behaviour rather than nature.

To sum up, It depends upon the environment that is given both group of study is responsible to play in building the behaviour or feature of personality.

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